About me

My name is Per Karlsén and I was born in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1963.
I lived in Tyresö during my childhood and in various places in Stockholm ever since.

In my childhood I spent a lot of time sailing in the archipelago around Stockholm with my parents.
I think this was the beginning of my love for the sea, but it wasn’t until later in life I fully understood that.

Since my father was quite creative I also had good oppurtunities to build things.
Big or small, there was always some project going on. And it has continued that way since then and today I can appreciate a good relationship with my skills and creativity.

Doing some maintenance.

I was married to Sara during 1990 – 2012 and together we have 3 children, Miranda, Stella and Elliot.

For a great deal of my life I’ve been working with elevators in different jobs.
In the beginnnig as a technician and later on as supervisor, projectmanager, in sales and eventually I started my own busininess as an elevator consultant in 2000.
The common factor througout the years has been technical problemsolving which I also enjoy a lot.

The things that fills me with joy are:
– To do nice things with my hands
– Good relations with the people I love
– Good communication and cooperation, especially aboard
– Sailing and being at sea
– Cats
– Nice design and good, long lasting quality
– Friendliness
– People who do things in the opposite way
– An openminded view of life
– Light
– Most of the music made by Steven Wilson
– A nice morning in the cockpit of Eriam with 1 – n cups of black tea and plenty of time     for reflections and thoughts.

Rabat january 2019

And these are the things that don’t:
– To freeze
– Disrespectful and narrow-minded people
– People close to me in pain, who are dying or dissapearing

Apart from that I’m quite easygoing and like to think that most things are worthwhile.

That’s about it I guess.


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