Leaving Tenerife

Hi folks, Before going back to Eriam I arranged to store the Soling in the attic of the workshop. To have the boat inside a house (not warm but no wind, snow nor rain) is pure luxury if you ask me. This is something I’ve been longing for since the first winter I had aContinue reading “Leaving Tenerife”

Back to Eriam

Hi folks,Guess who’s back…! It’s been a while now. Thanks guys for being patient.Last time I wrote Eriam was in Tenerife and I was back in Sweden. It turned out to be that way for about 7 months.Things change, don’t they? And how little do we know what’s going to happen in the future. NewContinue reading “Back to Eriam”

Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Hi folks,Woke up this morning and had a long look at the sky, no clouds and it’s just all blue.Makes me feel grateful for mainly three reasons. First of all, that the sky is blue. Secondly that I’m present enough to see it, and thirdly that I’m able to feel grateful for this. Being gratefulContinue reading “Santa Cruz, Tenerife”

Radazul, Tenerife

Hi folks,One afternoon Selma, Gali and me had a stroll along the seaside in Radazul. This was after spending part of the day working on their boat.Along the walk we had hotels on our right hand side and the ocean on the left hand side. We talked about the hotels and the fact that theyContinue reading “Radazul, Tenerife”


Happy New Year folks!Hope you have a good 2020 so far. If not, you still have a few days to make this a good year. Go for it! FunchalFunchal is a rather busy town and sometimes the nightlife is a bit lively, especially now due to the 600 year anniversary. And there are other niceContinue reading “Madeira”


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