About the boat

“I bought this boat in 2005 from the first owner who also built her.
Since then I’ve upgraded and improved a number of things.
The best thing with this boat is how she sails.
Solid, heavy and fast.
To own a boat for this long and doing so many thing on, and with her, 
makes her almost a part of me”.
Between 2005 and 2017 I sailed in Baltic sea, mainly the wonderful archipelagos outside Stockholm. 2017 I went south….

Technical information S/Y Eriam:

Type:           Conqubin 38
Year:           1982
Length:       11.40 m
Beam:         3.0 m
Depth:         1.8 m
Weight:        6800 Kg
Engine:        Yanmar 3YM30, 2006
Hull/deck:    GRP

Designer:  Harry Becker
Builder: Torsten Finne

Some photos from the past and the present.

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Cut my hair and go to work
I decided to leave for a longer journey in maj 2017 so I started to reorganize my life and finish things that wasn’t done in order to reach that goal.
It looks easy when I look at what I just wrote, but it was hard work believe me.
In the early autumn 2016 I got a great opportunity to have Eriam in a shed which made the work so much easier. Quite cosy actually 🙂

Sometimes I tend to make my todo-list a bit long (ever happend to you?) and of course that’s exactly what I did this time as well.
As time went by I realized I had to prioritize at the most important and simply skip some things, and do others later.
In short. I quit my job by the end of 2016 and then worked on Eriam like a maniac. Just about every day and at the end I lived in the boat as well (in order to save time)
The important thing was to depart as planned. No matter how much was left to to.

Some of the things I did was:
– Reinforce the bilge
– Reinforce and redesign the rudder
– Remove and reinstall all the equipment on deck
– Making new handrails on deck
– Installing a windlass, a bow anchor and a chain locker
– All new electronics
– All new wiring
– Footsteps in the mast
– Installing an extra forestay for a new staysail
– Installing a ropecutter on the propeller
– All new plumbing
– New sails, designed for single hand sailing

And so on….

And as a pure surprise 🙂 instead of depart in May it turned out to be the 28’th of July.

I still have things left on the todolist but I pick something from it every once in a while and eventually…
Nevertheless, I’m on my way, and the little kid is happy!

I would like to give a big hug to my friends who helped me do this.
You know who you are.

Thanx a lot !!

If you want to read the latest news about this journey, have a look at my blog.

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