When I think about it, I think it all comes down to the will to do stuff.
I have a very good relationship with my creativity, and maybe that’s the thing you know.
To have some sort of idea about something you want to do, something new to learn or to accomplish, or simply cross out from your bucket list.
I don’t know but for me it’s about doing the things I dream about according to the prerequisites I have.
So going to Mars is off the list (at least for the moment). But there are so many other really interesting things to do with the life we have, isn’t it?

I’ve had the nice opportunity to make some of my very old dreams come true, and for this I’m truly grateful.
I’m thinking of dreams that I’ve had since I was a little kid.
(You have some of these aswell, don’t you?)
An example of this is the dream of building a car of my own design. I’ve had this dream since I was maybe 12-14 years old.

Chassie about done

And here it is:

I’ve been building this car (named Sinus) from scratch since 2003 and in december 2014 it passed the tests and then was legal to drive. (And believe me, It’s pure pleasure to drive it)

What I discovered when I realised this long time dream actually came as a surprise.
It meant that I was doing something very nice to the little kid I was back then.
Almost like a gift. Try it, you’ll like it 🙂

Other stuff
Another longtime idea that I wanted to explore was to do stuff in silver.
Been curious about this maybe 15-20 years.
So in 2015 I took some classes. Great fun!
Right now I prioritize other things but in the future I might (likely) pick it up again.

Some photos of the things I made.

Bracelet. The red line in between is copper.
Earring. Or necklace.

These metalparts are scrap parts from manufacturing the Candela foiling boat (where I worked for a period).
I got the idea about how to visualize when a relationship makes us stronger as we are linked together.

Another very old dream of mine is to sail far away or for a long time.
Ever since I learned to sail (about 8-9 years old, sailing dinghies) I think I’ve had an idea of sailing further away.
-“What would it be like?”
-“Where would I like to sail?”

Phase two
Phase two is the name for a new direction in my life.
Phase one (family, kids, career and the other things that goes with it) is now over and I have the oppurtunity to change direction in my life.
It started as an idea around 2010 but was realized in 2015 when I set the goal.
I wanted to make some nice memories, sail, discover, grow.

The decision
Sometimes during my life this idea has been stronger, sometimes weaker. But it has never gone away. What eventually made me actually make the decision and start work for it was the fact that my sister died.
In september 2012 my sister Rakel was diagnozed Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS ) and in mars 2014 she died.
I like to think that most of our sad experiences also brings something valuable.
Sometimes it’s hard to see and then you might have to look/dig for it. But it’s there.
In this case the good thing with this sad experience was that it became very clear to me that life is not for ever.

For me, this means that I need to try when there is something important I want to do. The goal is actually not the #1 priority, for me it’s about trying.
And so I did. In 2017 I went south.

2021 update“What happend”?
Currently in La Gomera in January -21.
Looking back on the past three years I realize a few things that means a lot to me.
First of all. I’m very grateful I did it. For no other reason than just doing it. Along the years I’ve seen beautiful places and met some wonderful people.

Secondly. What also happened is that this project has had a tremendous impact on my personal development. It’s like a journey inside, just as exciting as the one on the outside.
And it continues…
It has made it very clear to me how I want the rest of my life to be. In terms of sailing, relationships, how I spend my time and on what.
I have a lot of thoughts and questions and I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I believe they will come to me one of these days.
Was it worth it? Yes. Without a doubt.
If you want to read the latest news about this journey, have a look at my blog.

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